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Regardless of where you are along the visionary, change-leader’s journey, Optimal Life Solutions has the program to offer you, to keep your momentum pumping and your mission on track.

  • Need to learn how to back yourself, so that others will follow? Our Shine Sessions are individually tailored to empower you.

  • Want to understand and leverage your thinking patterns and those around you? Your individually debriefed HBDI® Profile will enlighten you.

  • Have a great idea but not sure how to communicate it? The Balloon Principle workshops will help you shine as a speaker.

  • Want to start positioning yourself as a thought-leader? Our Leaders Ladder program will have you on the path to glory in no time.

Shine Sessions™
Personal Progress

Our Shine Sessions are tailored, one-to-one sessions that combine coaching, counselling and mentoring [as required] to guide you to a place of clarity, confidence and momentum.

This session is perfect for you if you’re itching for more, determined to make a difference, but unsure what your next step should be.

Helping you bust the barriers of self-doubt, we will guide you from lost to liberated.

Not sure if it’s for you? Book a free discovery session.

Shine Sessions will help you achieve:

  • Connection — create the basis of meaningful relationships
  • Credibility — Align your vision to the things that are most important to you.
  • Clarity — Delight in your life, your business and the contribution you want to make.
  • Communication — Acquire the cornerstone to all successful interactions.
  • Confidence — Underpin your ability to perform in all areas of life

HBDI® Profile
Thinking Profile

Ever wondered why there are some people you just can’t seem to understand, why they think and act the way they do … making it impossible for you to get on the same page?

The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI®) is an invaluable tool that allows you to understand the individual thinking patterns of yourself and those around you, resulting in better communication, deeper connections and superbly functioning teams.

We’ll happily organise sessions on an individual basis, or for your entire organisation as a team building and business goal-setting tool.

HBDI® personal profile – what makes you tick, and why:

  • Full one-to-one debrief — explains what the data means to you personally
  • Application to all life areas — achieves results through real-life integration.
  • Better communication skills — Creating deeper and more meaningful connections.
  • Understanding of self and others — creating new perspectives and harmonious

Balloon Principle™
Speaking Workshops

Balloon Principle Speaker Startup

The half-day Speaker Startup workshop is specially tailored to getting your speaking journey off to a comfortable start. We focus on the tips and tricks the professionals use when faced with the symptoms of nervousness, managing fear and finding calm and confidence.

If you want to beat the butterflies, we’ll help you out with:

  • Supportive and safe space for all participants.
  • Meditations and practical mind-set exercises.
  • Explanations about the neuroscience behind being accepted.
  • Nurturing and encouraging feedback to help you grow.
  • Introduction to avenues for practice and continued growth in the not-for-profit space.

Balloon Principle Professional Presenter

The half-day Balloon Principle workshop is an introduction to speaking for profit and for purpose.

Designed to give you a greater understanding of how to tell your story with impact, structure your presentation in a way that brings clarity and conversions, and utilise data projection like a pro.

In other words, we’ll help you meaningfully engage your audience through:

  • Connecting deeply with your audience by understanding their needs.
  • Structuring presentations that both flow and sell.
  • Business storytelling to build rapport and deepen connections.
  • PowerPoint like a pro—no more boring bullet-points.
  • Vibrant visual aids and fascinating flip-charts.

Balloon Principle Four-week Professional Presentations Program

Structured specifically for people who want to use high-conversion presentations to gain participants to a higher-level product, this program is carefully designed to allow participants to create their mid-level presentation in a manner that generates enthusiasm for the product.

The program starts with a live webinar, followed by preparatory worksheets prior to a two-day intensive workshop, during which the bones of the presentation are completed. Participants then complete their presentation before returning to a one-to-one session during which their presentation is fine-tuned.

Program participants will:

  • Create their speaking funnel.
  • Become closely acquainted with their ideal client.
  • Clarify the higher-level offer and create the sales pitch.
  • Design promotional materials and write copy that sells.
  • Complete their mid-funnel presentation.

The Balloon Principle Change-Leaders Speaking Immersion.

When speaking to inspire a movement, a beautifully crafted and professionally delivered presentation is a must.

But where do you start?

In this comprehensive four-day workshop, we will guide you through the elements of a knockout presentation, from start to finish.

The course is a practical, hands-on learning opportunity packed full of tips and professional secrets for communicating with connection, credibility, clarity and confidence in order to make the contribution you seek to make.

This is a speaking course like no other. We will ensure you embed all the seven sections: 

  • Becoming Calm – standing strong and speaking with confident authority.
  • Acquiring Skills – using the body to emphasise points and connect automatically.
  • Liberating Voice – speaking out, with calm assurance and a compelling voice.
  • Letting it Flow – structure that is easy to follow and simple to remember.
  • Owning the Space – Influencing the audience with gently charming presence.
  • Operating Devices – employing audio and visual assistance to engage your listeners.
  • Nurturing Progress – finding support and encouragement; creating larger audiences.

Leaders Ladder™
Signature Program
Leadership Pathway

This is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

… Okay. So, we might not be Tom Cruise, but we do know how to complete a mission.

To shine as a leader, you must be able to speak out and step up. In this program, we’ll help you create a strategy for success, clearly define your goals, and awaken your inner beast mode to set you on the path to triumphant success.

From mapping out your plan, scheduling in milestones and creating the team to drive and achieve your goals, we will work together to create impact and influence so that you leave your desired legacy of change.

As our signature and most in-depth program, participation is strictly limited, to ensure each participant gets the required care and consideration.

What is included?

  • A 60-minute one-to-one pre-program getting-to-know-you session.
  • A full HBDI® profile.
  • A one-to-one debrief of your HBDI® profile.
  • Team building and leadership modules.
  • Conversational Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence modules.
  • Fortnightly mentoring group calls for twelve months.
  • Monthly one-to-one coaching sessions.
  • Resources such as online tutorials, workshops and worksheets.
  • Access to a private community of change-making leaders for peer support.
  • What you will take away:
  • Your HBDI® Profile, and how to leverage it to achieve your goals
  • Clarity regarding your vision, mission and what success looks like.
  • Confidence. By developing a clear map, a timeline, and milestones to achieving success.
  • Growth. We will come up with a tailored game plan to grow your dedicated following.
  • Network. The creation of an invisible team to help you achieve your objectives.
  • Support. No one said you must do this alone. With access to a private community of like-minded thinkers, we keep each other accountable and help each other reach our goals faster.
  • Influence. We dive under the skin to understand how to best position you as the key person of influence in your industry.
  • Impact. Together, we will help you drive your mission to fruition, and help you change the world.
  • Knowledge. The training throughout the program will ensure you learn the tools and skills to truly shine as a leader in your field.
  • It is a prerequisite of this program that you have completed the half- and two-day Balloon Principle™ workshops (or any other similar workshop) and are already comfortable with speaking out for a cause.